Emotions, elephants and enthusiasm: The story of Lily Finn


Lily Finn said she wanted people to know that she liked elephants before they started to be cool and trendy. Just ask her childhood stuffed animal: an elephant named Lefty.

Finn is a senior English major with a focus in creative writing. Her favorite animal is an elephant, and she said she plans to attend graduate school at UMass Lowell to become a high school teacher. This is because what she wants to do with her life has not changed since she was a kid.

“I don’t want to teach people how to read, I want to teach them what to do with what they read,” she said. “I said that to my dad when I was 12. He was like: ‘And that’s when I knew, wow, maybe she should be a high school English teacher.”

But for now, she said she currently works in a daycare with very young kids, and she finds them to be hilarious.

“They just say the darndest things,” she said. “They say some pretty weird and wild stuff.”

She went on to tell the story of how the kids always ask her if she and her coworker are married because they get along so well, so they should be married. She then said that they are not actually married.

Finn is at the very beginning of her senior year of college and while she said she plans on looking into graduate school for education, she also said that graduating with her Bachelor’s Degree will still be a great accomplishment for her.

“If I graduate, I’ll be the first one in my family to graduate four years of college,” she said. “So that’s kind of cool.”

When Finn is not working, going to classes or doing homework, she can be found listening to her favorite type of music: country. “Anything by Tim McGraw is usually a winner,” she said.

She might also be found watching one of her two favorite shows: Lost or Grey’s Anatomy. Despite her bright personality and near constant laughter, she said the emotional stories of these shows are what draws her to them.

When asked what she wants people to remember about her, she summed herself up in one simple, yet compelling sentence: “That I always have a very positive outlook on life.”


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