Drinking tea and admiring foliage: The story of Elle Labitt

Elle Labitt

Elle Labitt transferred to UMass Lowell from Penn State in fall 2015 without looking at what the criminal justice program has to offer, yet as a senior she says she is happy with her decision.

“I like it better here because it’s closer to home and has a smaller [criminal justice] program that is more intimate.”

She said her favorite time of year is fall because of the leaves pretty colors, which is ironically when she transferred to the university. “Also, I’m always cold so [in fall] I can finally wear a sweater without looking weird.”

One of her favorite fall activities is sitting outside in the cool weather enjoying a cup of tea she said.

If she could do anything for anyone, Labitt said that she would send her parents on a vacation to a place where they would not be able to be reached by phone and they can avoid being interrupted by the outside world. “My parents do so much for me that they deserve a break,” she said.

Labitt says she has two major fears: “I’m terrified of heights, and I also have a genetic condition that makes me afraid I won’t be able to have kids.”

The latter of her fears also influences her thoughts on one thing she would want to change in the world. She said, “I guess I would change how people see people with disabilities and physical illnesses. Because that’s something I suffer from and everyone just assumes I’m happy go lucky… but then when I do have something come up they say ‘oh, it’s not a big deal.’ It’s hard to explain [to them] that it is a big deal when it may sound small.”


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