Black and sea-foam green: The story of Fabiana Medina


Fabiana Medina, a senior English major, said if she could do anything for anyone, she would want to make people happy and bring them joy.

One thing she does to bring herself joy is binge-watching movies and TV shows on Netflix, which she also said is her guilty pleasure. She once watched an entire show about Spanish telephone operators entirely in Spanish with English subtitles.

“It was just very entertaining and I watched the whole season of this show in a week. I really liked the show,” she said. “I just got sucked in and I watched the whole thing.”

Something else she said she does to bring herself joy, or at least to stop stressing out, is sitting down and making a to-do list. And aside from being organized, she described herself as two colors: black and sea-foam green. Black because it is her favorite color, and sea-foam green because it is playful.

“I’m playful, and I feel like sea-foam green’s a very playful color,” she said. “But I’m also very…distant. I’m in my own little world sometimes and I just have to step out of that. And that’s where sea-foam green comes in. Black is the internal, sea-foam green is the outside.”

Another favorite of hers is the fall season because her birthday is in fall, but also because she loves seeing the foliage change colors.

“I like change. I think it’s something that scares you, but it’s worth doing in the end. And I feel like fall is a perfect ‘change’ time,” she said.

More than just colors have shaped Medina’s life. She transferred to UMass Lowell from Salem State University, and she said there were many things she wished she had realized while she was there regarding the reason why she transferred.

“I wouldn’t say it was a mistake, it was more of something I should’ve learned from in the moment and basically readjusted my course,” she said. “I figured it’d be fine and fix itself, but that’s not the case.”


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