Coffee and Winter: The story of Kaitlyn McLaren


Freshman transfer student Kaitlyn McLaren is back at UMass Lowell with confidence after a short leave of absence.

When asked if the world was ending tomorrow, the accounting major said that she is most proud of “being in school. I did take the spring semester off and technically dropped out, but I came back.”

McLaren said one thing that fascinates her is sports, and in particular basketball. Though she says she is not currently on the university’s team, with three years ahead of here there is plenty of time to join.

If she had the time and could take a vacation anywhere in the world, McLaren said that she would go back to the Bahamas. “I have already been and it’s really nice… [I love] the beaches and the atmosphere of no responsibilities and just being on vacation.”

Speaking of time, a time she says she is most looking forward to is winter which is her favorite time of the year. She said that she does not necessarily have any family traditions but loves everything about the holiday season and celebrating Christmas.

The last nice thing that McLaren said she did for herself was buy herself a coffee earlier that morning, and she was still enjoying it while she spent her morning at University Crossing.


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