Happy and joyful respectively: The story of Yonnie Collins


The dream vacation of exercise physiology major Yonnie Collins is Aruba: where the sand and water are warm, and she can see the ocean floor. And she is by herself.

Collins likes the warmth, and this is seen in her favorite time of the year too, which is the late spring/early summer. “It’s warm so I can look cute, but it’s not too hot so I don’t sweat off everything, and also it’s not raining as much,” she said.

She also likes this time of year so she can actually be around flowers without sneezing, because it is the end of allergy season.

Another favorite of hers is music, which she likes to listen to when she should be sleeping. “There’s this artist–Tye Tribbett–and he makes African medleys,” she said. “I was listening to that at 3 o’clock this morning.”

She also likes Tyler Perry and his movies, but especially his character of Mr. Brown. “if you re-watch movies, you’ll be like, ‘Wait, he said that?’ and it’s just really funny,” she said.

Collins’ favorite movie is “The Proposal,” because it encompasses all her favorite things about movies.

“I like just about any comedy, wedding and realistic setting. If it’s all three, then you’ve got me,” she said. “Which is ‘The Proposal.’”

Yet one thing that Collins said she wants to accomplish in life is being both happy and joyful respectively.

“I say both of those because joyful’s deeper than just circumstance, but I also want to be happy with whatever circumstance I’m in,” she said. “But I also don’t want to be content. I want to be in that cycle where I’m always improving myself, but even in the midst of improving myself, I’m happy with what I’m doing.”


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