Witches and ‘Gossip Girl:’ The story of Monique Reyes


Monique Reyes, a sophomore English and political science major, said she used to be a witch every year for Halloween until she was a preteen.

“I was just obsessed with witches and I loved ‘Hocus Pocus,’” she said.

One of her favorite Halloween memories from her childhood was going to Salem with her family to see the parade. “We would watch all the scary costumes, and I was terrified, but I thought they were so cool and well-crafted,” she said.

While Reyes enjoys Halloween, she said her favorite holiday is Christmas because she gets to eat food and get presents, as opposed to Thanksgiving where there is just food.

Another favorite of hers is the song “Love So Soft” by Kelly Clarkson, but she also loves Jhené Aiko’s whole new album. She also loved the show “Gossip Girl,” and she said she would love to live where Blair lived.

“It was amazing. It was beautiful. I love ‘Gossip Girl,’” she said.

Reyes said if there was one thing she would want people to remember about her, it is that she is easygoing. “I pride myself on that, but it obviously gets in the way because I should have more structure in my life,” she said.


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