Cats and ‘The Walking Dead:’ The story of Hayley Cooper


Freshman biology major Hayley Cooper says her favorite time of the year is winter because of the cold weather which is not something she is used to experiencing where she is from.

“I’ve never really experienced winter because I’m from South Florida and I just moved up here. It’s nice and I like the cold weather.”

Her favorite animal is a cat and she said she has one furry friend at her home. In her free time, she says she enjoys watching her favorite show “The Walking Dead.”

“Before I started watching it I was like ‘oh, that show is probably really stupid,’ but when I got into it, it was actually really good and suspenseful. My favorite character was Glenn before he died,” she said.

Recently, one of the nicest things Cooper said she did for herself was end a toxic relationship. “I cut off this really rude guy. I feel better now,” she said.

When asked what social issue she feels strongest about, Cooper simply said: “The Black Lives Matter Movement. I really support it and try to advocate as much as I can.”


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