‘Full House’ and dirt coffee: The story of Ricky Goss


Junior criminal justice major Ricky Goss said he thinks he is funny, and the best joke he has is: “What do you call a guy with no legs and no arms in the middle of the ocean? Bob.”

He also said he was thinking about his next class, Research Methods, and that if he could change anything in the world, he would get rid of heroin.

And if Goss could live in any home from a TV show, he said it would be the one from “Full House.”

“Just for the ridiculousness of the situations that they get into,” he said. “[It’s] endless fun.”

Goss also said that his favorite song is “90210” by Travis Scott or the “Spongebob Squarepants” theme song.

And even though everyone seems to like it, one of his least favorite things is peppermint mocha coffee. “It tastes like dirt, but to other people I guess it tastes like joy,” he said.


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