Naps and Reese’s: The story of Tori Gouveia


Senior criminal justice major Tori Gouveia says she does not like Reese’s, which is a candy many would consider to be their favorite around this time of year. “I don’t like peanut butter unless it’s fresh out of a jar,” she said.

She has a couple pet peeves, and she said the one that tops her list is hearing someone near her chewing loudly. “I hate when I can hear someone chewing because it really freaks me out,” she said. Another one of her pet peeves is talking to someone who makes every situation about themselves instead of showing sympathy.

“Like when you’re trying to sit down and talk to someone and they take away what you’re saying and say ‘but this happened to me too.’ Or if you’re sad and they say ‘well you can’t be sad because someone else in the world is more sad than you.’”

When Gouveia feels stressed, she said she likes to either go for a drive or listen to country music. When asked what advice she would give UMass Lowell students who may also be feeling overwhelmed, she said to push through and keep going.

“There’s so much I could say… Keep going. Because even when it gets stressful at the end of the day when you submit that assignment you’re stressing over or when you finally complete that test it’s a huge weight off your shoulders.”

After her long day on campus, Gouveia said she was looking forward to one thing in particular: “I’m thinking about the nap I’m going to go home and take because I’m exhausted right now,” she said.


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