Catfish and superpowers: The story of Sam Krovocheck


Senior liberal arts major Sam Krovocheck, worried about the symmetry of his hair in a photograph, said that his hair has to look like a sphere otherwise he would look like a “nutty professor or Einstein.”

That afternoon, he was sitting outside of North Campus’ Lydon Library, but Krovocheck said that his favorite part of UMass Lowell is South Campus.

“[I like South Campus] more than North Campus and I’m there most of the time. I spend a lot of time in the dining hall and I like the library, too; it’s a good spot to get some work done,” he said.

He said that he transferred to the university a few years back and chose to major in liberal arts because it was less specific than what he was previously majoring in. “I just really want to get my degree at this point,” he said.

When asked what superpower he would like to have, Krovocheck said that he would not want to have one because it is too much of a responsibility.

“I don’t think I would want any. If you have a superpower, then you’re going to have some more responsibilities and you’re going to have to use it for good or maybe evil, but either way you’re going to have to use it… I like being myself. I like having no powers. It’s good,” he said.

His said his favorite animal shares a name with a popular TV show: catfish. “I like catfish because of the way they look, and I like the television show. Two different kinds of catfish, but either way, I like both of them.”

After feeling like he was talking about himself for too long, Krovocheck said that it was hard for him to think about his best personality trait, and said, “I’m thoughtful, I guess.”


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